Being a solo rider is never an easy task. You have to face several facts before you leave. Do I have what I need? How much is it going to cost? Do I really need it?

I started this journey on my own and found some companies or people who were willing to help me achieve it. As simple as it sounds, just someone giving a helping hand could make your day better.

It is possible to help in so many different ways. For example, I met people who offered a place to sleep or lent me tools, or the garage, to work on the motorcycle. Others helped me spread the word around. They did so in Russia so I can have a safe journey.

If you are a brand and you would like to share your products with me, or you are simply willing to help, please continue scrolling down to the Support Area or just go to the Donate section. Any help will be appreciated.

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Provider specialized in technological services for the main companies within the real estate sector, digital transformation for the optimization and efficiency of processes and implementation of ethical Hacking to guarantee Computing Security.

Cardo PackTalk Bold

Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) solves all Bluetooth usual pains and turns PACKTALK BOLD into the most capable motorcycle communication system in the world. Just set your intercom once and forget about it. It’s that simple.

Gianni Falco Boots

Since over 20 years “Gianni Falco Srl – Motorcycle Boots Company” provides experienced craftsmanship and technical skills in designing and manufacturing motorsport technical footwear.

Falco motorcycle boots: driven from passion, to live on 2 wheels at maximum.

Hagon Shocks Ibérica

The shock absorber company Hagon was created by Alf Hagon in 1958. The company emerged as a result of the successes of Alf in the long-distance races. The Hagon shock absorbers have won numerous world championships.

Hagon offers shock absorbers and fork springs for all types of brands.

Quad Lock

Quad Lock® is the strongest and most secure mounting system in Europe that integrates your smartphone into an active lifestyle. The unique approach of integrating the mounting interface into a slim and durable everyday case allows the Quad Lock® mounts to be much smaller than any other mount on the market.

Oasisand Motorbike Luggage

We manufacture products designed for motorcycle trips using top quality materials, resistant and tested in all kinds of circumstances.

We are constantly creating products to cover all needs: from a trip to the dunes of Morocco or an around the world adventure. You decide.

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