About HER

Brand: Kawasaki
Model: VN 2000 Vulcan
Year: 2004
Engine: V-twin cylinder
Capacity: 2053cc
Front Tyre: 150/80 R16
Rear Tyre: 200/60 R16
Dry Weight: 332 kg
Fuel Capacity: 21 liters

The Rogue, The Beast, my love.

Despite the accident that her previous owner had with her, that has not prevented her from going ahead. When I found her, the front fork was already twisted and its temporary owner could no longer manage her weight. It was a difficult start because for me it was an important jump in terms of engine and size.

I remember that the first time I sat on her and tried to start it, I fell to the ground because I did not control the spin of the fork. Despite how stupid I felt at that moment, I decided to give it another try. It could be said that it was like a horse waiting to be tamed.

Over the years it has had certain unavoidable mechanical problems. Problems that have arisen as much by the kilometers traveled as by the conditions to which it has been exposed to. No matter what the causes were, she has always managed to surpass them over time.

After seven years and more than 200,000 km together, we have reached the point where we have to see how far we can go together.

About ME

Name: Julio
Born: 1987
From: Buenos Aires, ARG
Location: Madrid, ESP
VN 2000: Since 2011
VN 900: From 2008 to 2011

My name is Julio and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A very large country in South America which goes crazy about soccer. Unfortunately for them, I’m not into this sport and I can keep my passion on the road along with my motorcycle.

Since I was a child I’ve been traveling from one side of the globe to the other. Because of this, I ended up doing kindergarten in Switzerland, the elementary school and most of the secondary school in Argentina. I finished the rest of my studies in Spain, where I’m living since 2003.

With the passing years, a nomad feeling began to grow inside of me. I was feeling like I did not belong anywhere, that I needed to be “on the move”. In 2007 I bought my first motorcycle, a 125cc engine,  but none of these questionings had a real answer until I got my first Vulcan. Don’t get me wrong, I know quite some travelers going around with small engine motorcycles. That is just not for me.

As soon as I had my Vulcan 900, I applied for a membership for the Vulcan Owners Club Spain and the odometer started counting. During the first three years in this club, I traveled around Spain and Portugal. Unfortunately, it was not until February 2011 when I took my chances on the biggest V-Twin engine ever built: the Vulcan 2000. This opened my mind to embrace new challenges and in June 2012 I made my very first big ride up North Cap, Norway.

That large step ahead put me in the direction I needed. After that, the opportunities where countless, and I did take them. Starting from some of the well-known winter meetings like Elefantentreffen (D), Altes Elefanten (D) or Millevaches (F), to simply going across Europe to meet another European Vulcan Club.

This time I decided to go further. As far as I, or the motorcycle, can go.