Krasnoyask News – N42 – 18 October 2018

Spaniard Julio, traveling the world on a motorcycle, meeting local bikers. They helped with the repair of a barred vehicle. The traveler stopped at the Krasnoserts Sergey Menyajlov for a night. Ignorance of the language did not prevent them from dealing with the equipment, but at the household level, they had to resort to using an Internet translation service. Thus, Sergey learned that the guest is already on the way already 5 months ago, during this time he traveled various countries and cities, including Russian ones, and that he has his own YouTube channel.

In agreement with other biker posts, the foreigner must be escorted to the city of Novosibirsk, in which he planned to linger for several days. On the way, Julio shoots videos with his comments and after processing puts them on the Internet. In Krasnozerskom he also filmed, and now Sergey is waiting for the appearance of a familiar story on his channel.