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Riding a Kawasaki. Julio Lescano, a Spaniard with Argentine roots, travels around the world on a motorcycle. The biker has traveled two hundred forty-five thousand kilometers, traveled 2 continents, 33 countries. Before visiting Russia, he visited Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Yamal motorcyclist for the first time. He shared his impressions of his frosty journey with our film crew.

“Rogue”, “Beast” or “My Love”. So boldly, and sometimes affectionately, Julio Lescano calls his two-wheeled companion. The first attempt to ride, according to Julio, was unsuccessful. The rotation of the fork went out of control, and the biker fell to the ground. But this did not prevent with time to tame an iron horse. Kawasaki is not just a motorcycle. Manufacturers call it the most powerful engine cruiser.

Julio Lescano, biker, Spain:

Motorcycles do not look like this when you buy them. In the basis, the motorcycle comes without saddlebags, without protective bars and without a windshield. Obviously, without GPS and without mountings for the camera. When I bought this motorcycle, I was lucky, because the previous owner had it all on it. Now it is very difficult to find these accessories, because the motorcycle is no longer manufactured. But this accessory is very simple, because it is handmade, all stores can do this.

Together they traveled two hundred forty-five thousand kilometers – these are 2 continents, 33 countries. Julio Lescano has a passion for roads since childhood. Because of hisnprivate travels, the Spaniard with Argentine roots did not leave the feeling that he should always be in motion.

Julio Lescano, biker, Spain:

I crossed twenty seven countries before visiting Russia. Russia is something new for me, and perhaps it was the easiest option regarding visas, because it is just one country. In addition, it was a very long distance to cross, and I think it is a real adventure.

The bike ride began one year ago in Spain. Before getting to Russia, Julio Lescano visited Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Long distance was not a hindrance. But, not without its adventures.

Julio Lescano, biker, Spain:

I had a problem with a motorcycle, because I drove into Tajikistan, and, obviously, my motorcycle, approximately, a little more, is quite problematic, because such motorcycles are not designed for off-road. Last year I had to stop early, and this time I will try to be more prudent on the roads and try to make my journey much longer. In any case, if it is a long distance, or perhaps the weather is unfavorable, I will have to stop and continue next year.

Over the years, the traveler had problems with a motorcycle. The completed kilometers, weather conditions – all this affects the state of the “iron friend”. But, despite all the difficulties and trials, the biker continues on his way.

To the question: “Where to next?”, he answers with irony: “Only a road can tell”…